TossmanPlusBlue reflects the core creative/production team of Jack Tossman & Susan Tossman Blue  — and their company, Jack Tossman Communications, Inc.

Once Upon A Time . . .

The genesis of our company goes back to the early 1960s —

While attending high school in Germany, Jack produced a live radio show on AFN-Frankfurt, which sparked a lifelong passion for all aspects of broadcasting. Returning to his native Los Angeles to attend college, he produced several radio shows that aired in the LA market before moving to the Bay Area in the late 60s to work as a disc jockey at KOME & KSJO. Following several magical years in FM radio, he made the switch to music recording, TV, & film. His experience is vast, diverse, and highly respected — his career has flourished out of his enthusiasm for staying current with state-of-the-art technology and an ability to merge his talent for music recording with television, filmmaking, and, now, web broadcasting.

Since early childhood, Susan has pursued a passion for writing — particularly playwriting — which she studied at Indiana University. While there, she received the Kennedy Center’s ACTF award for her original one-act play, Woman and a Cat. Over the years, the scope of her work as an artist has included script writing, adaptation, and reporting, as well as producing, directing, editing, graphic design, and audio recording. As an author, her book, An Amber Heart, fuses the genres of literary fiction and memoir to render a story that delivers truth in the context of rare, good storytelling. She is a gifted creative producer with a singular ability to quickly concept and craft the essence of an idea.

The combined talents of Tossman plus Blue provide an extraordinary formula for delivering exceptional creative & technical services to countless clients over the years. They've been involved in every aspect of production — from one-camera/one-mic/talking-head shoots, to producing records, to live international broadcasts with 2-way communication in multiple-languages, to events of epic proportions. Today, still driven by the childhood passions that originally guided them, T+B continue to widen the scope and depth of their abilities and services — always working to encompass ever-changing forms of communication, production, & technology.